Some news…

Hey everybody! Don’t worries, I am not dead… just really busy. I will come back soon with a new game. I got an idea, just need the time to do it.. I hope I will be able to create a new point and click soon. So, I read the comments of my first game and yeah… I’m thinking about more animations, sounds and musics for my new project. So… thank for reading and Happy Halloween!

«Tshi Tshi Tshi, Ah Ah Ah» (Friday the 13th scary song.)


A punk with wheels

a punk whit wheels

a punk whit wheels - screen3a punk whit wheels - screen2a punk whit wheels - screen1

Release Date : July 20, 2013

Plateform : Windows 7 (vista, win8 ? not tested)

Genre : Adventure – Point and click

Thème : Punk culture 80’s

Language : English

Status : Full release

Change : –

June 30, 2013 – Full release

Description :

Hey everybody! I made a new game called : A punk with wheels. In fact it’s my first games. The game is made with Adventure games studio 3.2.1. Graphics, storyboard and codded by Scab.

A punk with a wheels is a point and click game. It’s a parody of the 80’s punk culture. The protagonist is Cody and he will lead you in a funny story in a drama universe. Help him to investigate to know what he did last night. You will meet a lot of weird original characters in a dying city. Enjoy!

Adventure game studio panel